The Bistro

The Bistro – paneled in rich dark wood, The Bistro exudes elegance and strength as soon as you pop your head in either the Town Square corner entrance or the west-side B&B entrance. Both take you inside to mosaic tile floors, comfortable seating and an old-world style bar where your beverages are prepared for you.

Specializing in coffee (proudly serving Starbucks® Coffees), teas and homemade desserts; The Bistro is a favorite for locals and travelers alike. We even provide FREE Wi-Fi access.

The Bistro is open 7am to 6pm; Monday thru Friday, 8am to 1pm; Saturday. Our Bed & Breakfast guests are treated to FREE breakfast in the morning after your stay. If staying Saturday night, since the Bistro is closed on Sunday, your stay includes a voucher for each person to the Village Kitchen just down the street.

Starbucks® is a registered trademark of Starbucks Corporation.